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‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower' Movie Review

Typically I'm not a supporter of reading a book before seeing the flick – I locate that if I delight in the book, the movie rarely lives up to what I envisioned in my head. There is, nevertheless, something to be stated about being PREPARED for what you are visiting, and in this instance, regarding midway via this little number, I was wishing I had been given a little bit a lot more info. Do not let the trailers deceive you – this is a little darker than marketed.

We Live in the “Hunger Games”

Recently I had the chance to invest an evening stuffed along with numerous shrieking young adults at what was the busiest motion picture best I have seen. The publication trilogy, The Hunger Games, has been an incredible success as well as has been equated right into more languages than I recognized existed.

Movie Review: “Nobody Walks”

Score: R for sexuality, language, and some substance abuse Size: 83 mins Release Day: Oct. 19, 2012 Directed by: Ry Russo-Young Category: Drama “No One Walks” is an independent movie composed and also guided by Ry Russo-Young. It premiered at the 2012 Sundance Movie Event, where it won a Jury Prize.

Horror Movies for Horror Movie Haters

Do you see horror flicks as a wild-goose chase? Is it tough for you to see the entertainment value of a good disemboweling or the odd decapitation? You are not the only one. Whether you believe torture-porn like Hostel or The Human Vermin take things also seriously, or you're offended by the lack of scary films embeded in room, there is a frightening movie available for you. Don't let another frightless Halloween pass you by, and also include us to check out some horror films for individuals who dislike horror flicks.

Cloud Atlas Movie Review

Past, Existing and Future Lives, A film that tells 6 tales, all in one. Over a period of 500 years, each story linked to the next in subtle methods all the while coming to be much more noticeable as the moment passes and also the tales slowly fit together right into one. This is Cloud Atlas, the most recent movie release at the neighborhood movie theater that I saw over the weekend.

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