How Mark Zuckerberg Spent $114 Billion

Mad Men Commentary: Episode 511 – The Other Woman

Joan and Peggy. These two have been the topic of much contrasting over five periods of Mad Men, as well as today's episode, titled The Other Lady, casts their distinctions in the sharpest relief yet.

Vampire Diaries: More Than Just a Fantasy

An understanding on the popularity of The Vampire Diaries. Several reasons that it clicked to the target market.

It's a Knockout

its last program in 2001. In one unique programme, it even had members of the British royal family members, Princes Andrew as well as Edward, Princess Anne and also Fergie, as team leaders. Regardless of its British group personality and also typically Anglo-saxon slapstick humour, the collection was the brainchild of French Premier Charles de Gaulle, who mooted the European variation of the series, Jeux San Frontieres, as a way of unifying European countries in friendship and fun. It even gave the inspiration for Peter Gabriel's song Gamings without Frontiers, a eulogy to the TV phenomenon.

Adaptation Decay

Flicks based off various other media is a popular pattern today. Nevertheless, is it worth the effort to see comics and also video games on the large screens? What are the limitations as well as what can fail in the innovative process for such? Is completion item even identifiable after all the adjustments made for the purpose of the adaptation? There are a whole lot of inquiries in this fad and also in the end, not all the solutions are the ones we wish to hear …

American Idol: The Spotlight on the Judges

A look at the development of the evaluating panel of American Idol. The writer talks about the changes in the panel and its responses from the public.

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