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Dear Bollywood, Please Stop Practicing Fair & Lovely Racism

In the past, doing a fairness ad had not been taken into consideration an unethical act in Bollywood. However fortunately, that has actually changed currently. Of late, numerous celebrities have elevated their voice against it.

Would You Recommend Moving There?

In as populous a culture as the USA, numerous people of diverse backgrounds, understanding, experience and also priorities are required to live together. Nonetheless, with a country of such a big size, people are able to pick to reside in many places. At times, it shows up that they have not made really smart decisions, yet all are required to support them.

Bollywood's Favourite Child – Nepotism

Allow's discuss the Nepotism dispute in Bollywood! Karan Johar has actually gone to the center of it. Is this conflict going to assist those outsiders that want to join the sector?

Why Bollywood Award Shows Struggle To Stay Relevant

Oscars are commemorated. Golden Globes are renowned. But when it comes to our Bollywood honors, everybody believes that it's rigged. What can we do to get rid of that impression?

Masala Films & Bollywood's Existential Crisis

Bollywood makes lots of cash on Masala movies. But at the same time, Bollywood elite and mutliplex audiences consider it with disdain.

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