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The Dark Knight Rises, But Where's Robin?

The 2012 summertime movie season saw the launch of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the very prepared for final movie in supervisor Christopher Nolan's legendary superhero trilogy. The flick was welcomed by fans and movie critics alike, with both high box-office sales as well as essential honor. Nevertheless, prior to the motion picture's release, there was much conjecture focused on the idea that the film would finally introduce Batman's devoted partner and crucial franchise business character, Robin.

Dawn of the Dead Film Review

This is an evaluation for the Dawn of the Dead remake from 2004. It is directed by Zack Snyder and also stars Sarah Polley and also Ving Rhames.

The Sound of Music – Introducing the Actors Who Played The Von Trapp Children

The Audio of Music was launched in 1965 and has come to be a timeless favourite. This article presents the actors that played the Von Trapp youngsters in the movie.

No Country for Old Men – The Ending Etc

Yeah, I understand. It takes place to everybody. You're waiting for the final showdown as well as then that takes place.

Alien: Resurrection Review

This is a review of Alien: Resurrection from 1997. It is the fourth installment in the Alien legend as well as is guided by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

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