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Review “Pitch Perfect”

“Pitch Perfect” is a musical film that was released in the USA on Sept. 28, 2012. It was directed by Jason Moore as well as produced by Elizabeth Banks, Paul Brooks, and Max Handelman.

The Life of Roger Ebert

The fatality of Roger Ebert on April 4, 2013, was a fantastic loss to the show business. Roger Ebert passed away quietly equally as he was obtaining prepared to go home for hospice care at the age of seventy. He had been having treatment for many years for reoccurrences of cancer cells, most recently in his hip.

15 Great Family Movies!

Very couple of people don't love getting comfy and also watching an excellent film. When you're a parent it's even more delightful to see your children obtain thrilled as well. Flicks are fantastic due to the fact that they interest people of all strolls of life. Whether your into magic, journey or animes, there is a film available for everybody.

Getting Ready for the New Superman Movie

With the upcoming Superman flick generated by film-maker Zach Snyder, searches for the Man of Steel are presently at an all-time high. Since the movie-adapted comics versions of a few of DC competing Wonder Comic books' biggest superheroes have actually surprised the box office, it isn't a leap to assume that the best hero of them all will preponderate as soon as tickets take place sale.

GI Joe Retaliation Film Review

Practically a year after G.I. Joe Retaliation was supposed to be released due to the movie being made into 3D, it's ultimately hit the screen. However was the long haul worth it? Following previous movie The Surge of the Cobra, a lot of G.I. Joe's heroes are brutally killed by a military strike. The US President is the only individual with the ability of such an attack, so why has he made the order?

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