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Satyajit Ray – The Cinematic Genius

An intro to Satyajit Ray, that is hailed as a multi-tasking brilliant of cinema. An effort to explore what made his movies so special.

Belushi's The Blues Brothers Ray-Bans: A Very Good Investment

John Belushi made an amazing influence on the movie sector and specifically his legendary duty in the flick The Blues Brothers. Did you recognize that he never ever takes off his sunglasses in the movie? If you're sunglasses are scraped or harmed after that don't change them. You can simply replace the lenses for a fraction of the cost. So obtain them changed today and also you also could look as great as John Belushi carries out in his sunglasses.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: What a Ride!

Love him or despise him Leatherface is back. This is a retrospection on the Power saw films.

The Influence of Bollywood on Hollywood Continues to Grow

Bollywood is the term provided to movies in Hindi that are created in Mumbai, India. It is a mix of Bombay, which is what Mumbai utilized to be called, and also Hollywood. For years, Bollywood movie theater was largely disregarded by the remainder of the globe outside of India and surrounding countries, but that is simply not the instance anymore.

Lincoln Vs Congress

In the new Oscar-nominated flick Lincoln, the Civil War-era president battles Congress to pass the 13th Change. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis represents a normally calm, unruffled, yet established 16th president.

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