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Movie Review: A Thousand Words (2012)

A Thousand Words starts off like a regular Eddie Murphy film, utilizing his expected blend of physical slapstick, mile-a-minute babble, as well as wild-eyed contortionist faces. The wit is derived virtually totally from unpleasant interactions between Murphy and also his colleagues. Yet when the story is well in progress and also the predicament comes to be serious, the movie takes a turn towards a nostalgic, emotional drama, where the hero must right his misdoings and also make amends with his past.

Movie Review – John Carter (2012) (PG-13)

Like all good area operas, John Carter relinquishes virtually all restraint on common feeling as well as plunges carelessly right into pure intergalactic melodrama. Despite the evident narrative supports to truth – feuding people, political corruption, love, developments in innovation – we're immersed in a globe as well as a time that exists only in the imagination. Yes, this is in part due to the film's 3D presentation (which is admittedly decent sufficient for my seal of approval), however primarily it results from the care with which the musicians and technicians made and developed the environments.

Movie Review – Sound of Noise (2012) (R)

I have actually not seen every movie ever made, but I'm relatively positive in my belief that there has never ever been one in which 6 anarchist musicians get into a health center impersonated registered nurses, wheel a patient right into an operating room, sedate him, and after that do a makeshift show making use of everything in the room, consisting of the person's stomach, as a percussion tool. Sound of Noise is one of one of the most refreshingly original strangeness to come along in quite a long time – a crime caper, a deadpan comedy, and a dream all rolled into one.

Movie Review – The Decoy Bride (2012) (Not Rated)

The Decoy Bride is an enchanting comedy, so currently you understand that there's absolutely nothing especially initial regarding the tale. However, there's nothing particularly initial regarding most tales, so what I'm I grumbling regarding? Similar to most such movies, what it lacks in breaking brand-new ground is offseted in wit, warmth, as well as the appeal of the stars, every one of whom have suitable onscreen chemistry.

Movie Review – Playback (2012) (R)

Playback is a scary movie that crams in all the current prominent subgenres, specifically dead young adults, technology, demonic possession, and also found video footage, with just a hint of historic fiction tossed in forever step. Possibly it's specifically due to the fact that of this mash-up that the film never ever appears to know what it's around. Structurally, all one can glean from this movie is a concept that was never totally brought to fruition; we jumble our way through scenes that stress strongly to attach to one another using a back story, however in some way the tougher it tries, the less sense it ultimately makes.

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